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It is the moment of truth.
It is revelation.

From Tom Brady, Michael Strahan & Gotham Chopra,
welcome to the RELIGION OF SPORTS.

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Tom vs. Time

In a sport where the average career of an NFL quarterback lasts just over 3 years, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots continues to put up MVP-caliber numbers well into his 18th season.

Religion of Sports

Not only is sports a religion, it is better… Traditional religion requires faith, Sports requires attendance. Show up and miracles happen.

Why We Fight

An immersive, gritty docu-series that dives into the worlds of fighters across the globe, joining them as they train and prepare for the fights in which the stakes are high, and the dangers are real.

Kobe Bryant’s Muse

Go behind the stats to reveal the story of Kobe Bryant’s career, exploring the mentorships, allies and rivalries that have helped shape his stellar 18-year tenure in the NBA, and offering access to his daily experiences, his lifelong inspirations and the battle with his greatest personal challenge yet.

I Am Giant: Victor Cruz

Documentary chronicling Victor Cruz’s improbable rise to football stardom, the life shattering injury that derailed his career and his dramatic attempt at a comeback, revealing the man behind the mask, as he faces the biggest challenge of his life.

Unlimited Serena Williams

Work ethic of an underdog. Willpower of a champion. This is Unlimited Serena. In her words, “There’s no day that goes by that I feel like losing.”