“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.”
Nelson Mandela

On the surface, sports might seem to be about wins and losses, celebrity status athletes, and physical domination. But, as Mandela pointed out, sports are about much more than that. Sports unite and inspire in a transformative way.

Sports provide a system of beliefs. They teach lifelong lessons through their stories and show us countless miracles. Sports mirror religion in the way that they unite and inspire people, from those deeply involved to those watching from afar.

We see it often on the world stage. From the Chicago Cubs first world series in 108 years to Usain Bolt completing his Olympic triple triple, there have been countless moments in even the past year that remind us how inspiring sports are. These wins reverberate through communities, cities, countries, and throughout the world and embolden in a way that only sports can.

But it’s not just on the biggest stages that sports lead, inspire, and connect. In Religion of Sports first season, we see it in the rituals of NASCAR and the dedication and heart break on the road to the Calgary Stampede. These stories prove how invaluable sports are to both fans and athletes alike. “People draw meaning and purpose from sports the same way we do from religion, and I think that’s kind of the lens we’ve brought and I have been obsessed with for a long time,” Religion of Sports founder Gotham Chopra explains to Yahoo.