When it comes to sports, Gotham Chopra sees every game, practice, or match as an opportunity for compelling and entertaining storytelling. It’s not about who is the best or who wins, it’s about capturing the drama within every athlete’s path. From overcoming injuries to relishing in the struggle it takes to get up and practice each and every day, it’s filming those unscripted stories that keeps Gotham inspired to create and work in film.

In a recent interview with Hidden Remote, Gotham discusses his beginnings in the world of sports, what it’s like to interview influential athletes and leaders, and his inspiration for Why We Fight, his project for the go90 network, that dives into the world of boxing and martial arts and the individual motivations of those who step into the ring.

Told from the perspective of Los Angeles-based golden gloves champ and pro-boxer Zack Wohlman as he travels the world, Why We Fight chronicles the hard road a fighter must face to achieve greatness — or simply to defeat their own demons. Executive producers Chopra and UFC woman’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey are on a mission to explore a bigger question. What pushes a fighter to dedicate body, mind and spirit to a sport that can take everything and still ask for more? The answers are as different as the people who choose this punishing path.

Read Gotham’s full interview with Hidden Remote hereto learn more about the genesis of Why We Fight, or watch it here.