Why We Fight

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An immersive, gritty docu-series that dives into the worlds of fighters across the globe, joining them as they train and prepare for the fights in which the stakes are high, and the dangers are real.

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Why We Fight S1:E1 – The Brink

In gritty Tijuana, Mexico, young prizefighter Zac Wohlman fights not just for victory in the ring, but to kick the painkiller addiction that threatens his life.

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Why We Fight S1:E2 – Will vs. Skill

Zac embeds with two talented female MMA fighters on a collision course with each other. Jodie has incredible skills, the right gym, and the right coach. But DeAnna is fighting for something bigger- to honor her father’s memory, and change her life.

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Why We Fight S1:E3 – Baby Snake

In Amsterdam, Zac encounters his mirror image – a young kickboxer with world champion potential– whose self destructive streak could land him in jail before he ever makes it to the big time.

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Why We Fight S1:E4 – Shadow Self

Zac hits the Pro Wrestling circuit, and meets two radically different men – a pathologically shy giant with the body of a Greek God; and an unassuming weekend warrior who entertains huge crowds with shockingly bloody exploits.

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Why We Fight S1:E5 – Parable of the Cherry

Things get a little unconventional back in California when Zac discovers of the ancient martial art of Kali. Although designed strictly to kill – it’s been adopted by an unlikely club of fighters as a way to build one’s manhood in the heat of combat.

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Why We Fight S1:E6 – East of Pain

Zac finds himself in Cambodia where they practice Khmer boxing, a free fighting sport for the young and the old.

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Why We Fight S1:E7 – End of the Earth

In the remote, vast country of Mongolia , Bökh wrestling is king of all sports. Zac gets close to two fighters striving to rise out of anonymity and make their names on the national stage.

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Why We Fight S1:E8 – Why I Fight

Zac’s got a fight date. And his coaches are giving him one more chance. Has he healed enough to survive training – and redeem himself in his home ring?

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