Stephen vs The Game

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Stephen Curry and the vaunted Golden State Warriors seek the mythical “three-peat” during the grueling 2018-19 NBA season. Stephen Vs. the Game is an intimate portrait of an elite athlete at the peak of his powers — and the game of basketball will never be the same

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Stephen vs The Game S2:E1 – The Game

In the series’ premiere of Stephen vs The Game, @StephenCurry with the help of his parents and wife Ayesha reflect on his childhood spent with a basketball in-hand. All which has led him and the Warriors to bring a third Championship home to Oakland to cap the 2017-2018 season. Now with some downtime we follow Stephen off the court before preparing to lead the Warriors to another championship.

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Stephen vs The Game S2:E2 – Team

Steph Curry and the Warriors must overcome injuries and infighting early in the 2018-19 NBA season if they’re going to live up to their potential. Fortunately for Steph, injuries are nothing new and team chemistry is something he learned at an early age.

Stephen vs The Game S2:E3 – Family

The holidays approach as the Warriors grind through the middle of the 2018-19 NBA season. Steph and his wife Ayesha struggle to balance parenting their three young children amid their demanding careers. And a Christmas game between Steph’s Warriors and brother Seth Curry’s Portland Trail Blazers turns the holiday spirit into something much more competitive.

Stephen vs The Game S2:E4 – Home

Steph and the Curry Clan gather in his hometown of Charlotte to celebrate All-Star Weekend. Along the way, Steph makes time to give back to the community, relive old times at his alma mater Davidson College, and face-off against his brother Seth in the All-Star Three-Point Contest.

Stephen vs The Game S2:E5 – Faith

The NBA regular season is winding down as Steph Curry takes an off day to enjoy a round of golf with Prof. Varun Soni, Dean of Religious Life at USC. The two engage in a wide-ranging and spirited discussion about Steph’s unique take on faith. Steph recounts his early struggles in the league and how his faith helps him overcome injury and doubt — which is a good thing for Steph and the Warriors because the playoffs are coming.