Religion of Sports
(The TV Series)

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Not only is sports a religion, it is better… Traditional religion requires faith, Sports requires attendance. Show up and miracles happen.

Season 3

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Season 2

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Religion of Sports S2:E1 – Here to Stay

St. Pauli is a district of Hamburg, Germany, that recently embraced over 400,000 refugees. At its heart is the soccer team FC St. Pauli, which sponsors a team of refugees, providing them a meaningful place in society and a sense of belonging.

Religion of Sports S2:E2 – Through The Darkness

At San Quentin State Prison, baseball is an escape from the harsh conditions of life behind bars. Three men, at different stages of their journey as inmates, struggle to overcome their past mistakes and cope with the reality of an uncertain future.

Religion of Sports S2:E3 – Hold Fast

Conrad Anker, one of the true icons of rock climbing, has had more than a few brushes with his own mortality. Conrad’s latest challenge comes in partnering with novice climber and cancer survivor Alex Wildman to peak El Capitan in Yosemite Valley.

Religion of Sports S2:E4 – Disciples

In 1984, Peter Westbrook became the first US fencer in generations to win an Olympic fencing medal. Thirty years later, his foundation has created a lineage of Olympians, including Daryl Homer, a student who left the foundation to find himself.

Religion of Sports S2:E5 – Follow That Line

Race Across America is an ultra-cycling event that runs the length of the U.S., clocking in at a little over 3000 miles. Sarah Cooper, a 45-year-old mother of four from Iowa and an ultra-cycling phenomenon, sets out to finish the race in under 10 days.

Religion of Sports S2:E6 – Gods of War

In New Zealand, every boy dreams of joining national rugby team the All Blacks, a team that strives to embrace Maori culture. For young Maori student Pou Sorensen, making the team would be an achievement of both personal and cultural significance.

Season 1

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Religion of Sports S1:E1 – God in the Machine

Every Sunday, thousands of fans pour into the speedways of NASCAR, including a US Marine with a unique perspective on man and machine, and a 14-year-old female driver who spends her weekends on dirt tracks.

Religion of Sports S1:E2 – The New West

Devout rodeo disciples convene to compete at the prestigious Calgary Stampede, where believers in the Old West struggle to survive in a fast-changing world.

Religion of Sports S1:E3 – Alpha & Omega

MMA fighter Cat Zingano prepares for a comeback fight at UFC 200. The intimate and powerful story behind Cat’s 15 month layoff following her first professional loss and an extraordinary personal tragedy.

Religion of Sports S1:E4 – Perfect Game

There is a a spiritual dimension to baseball in Brooklyn – embodied by a minor league prospect, a Pakistani-American family, an NYPD detective, a TV analyst and the president emeritus of NYU.

Religion of Sports S1:E5 – Birth of a Religion

With parallels to the origin of major religion, a new generation of eSports gamers train tirelessly, compete in arenas and earn sponsors, while a female team fights for recognition among male competitors.

Religion of Sports S1:E6 – Keepers of the Faith

Celtic and Rangers FC are two of football’s oldest teams. Separated by only 6 miles in Glasgow, they have a rivalry unparalleled in the sporting world, with religious, societal, and historic tensions.